Diana NDiaye


Cheverly, MD, United States

0.5 x 2.5 x 3.5

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Photo credit: Diana NDiaye

In these difficult times, we need reminders that we have to do all we humanly can to strive for social sanity, a safer, greener, kinder, and more just world and then we have to keep faith that things will work out. This amulet that can be worn as a brooch or pendant, combines felt, PMC silver, embroidery and feathers (from non endangered birds.) The message is one of release and transcendence…LET GO>LET GOD. It was created as we emerged from the height of the pandemic.

Jewelry and textile artist, Diana N'Diaye’s work engages wearers in conversations about identity, heritage, social justice, healing and self-transformation. Through her collaborative amulet making practice, she explores how our identities, heritage, aspirations, and values shapes what we choose to wear and how what we wear shapes our lives.

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