Ligare: Cage: Luck

Seth Papac


Providence, RI, United States

15 x 8 x 6 cm

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Photo credit: Seth Papac

What is jewelry and what does jewelry do? What is the literal and conceptual structure of jewelry? What are the ‘bones’ that support the efficacious ability of jewelry? Ligaments attach bones to bones and allow bodies to move, contract, and act in relation to the exterior. Ligament and religion share the same root word, from Latin ligare “to bind”. Historically, jewelry has been utilized as a tangible and intimate device used to connect our physical selves to metaphysical concepts like faith, luck, love, protection, and fertility. Jewelry has the concentrated capacity to connect us, to focus our belief, and to affect our existence in the world. Throughout time, and across cultures, jewelry has been given this power and purpose. In Ligare, jewelry symbols are conceived of as bodies, their ligaments in the act of pulling their parts together, and connecting to others, to realize the full potential of jewelry.

Seth Papac’s trifurcated practice involves teaching and mentoring students; researching and producing conceptual one-of-a-kind jewelry; and owning and operating a limited production jewelry company, Seth Papac Jewelry. Before joining the faculty in the Jewelry + Metalsmithing Department at RISD, he served as Department Head of Metal at OCAC.

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