lily pad ring

Cheryl Rydmark


Cheryl Rydmark - Goldsmith
Caspar, CA, United States

1" x1" x7/8"

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Photo credit: Cheryl Rydmark

My studio practice is an exploration of ideas.

Starting with the familiar; fragments from nature, memories or reflections, I begin by building studies. The process of making, from the choice of materials to how the piece is fabricated, continually informs and alters the direction of the work and in turn offers new possibilities, new directions. It is this sense of discovery that compels me to make.

My hope is that these objects convey a poetic sense of the everyday and become intimate art forms that are worn, shared and passed on for generations.

Inspired by the irregular, transitory and imperfect beauty in nature Cheryl conveys her artistic vision with technical mastery and a delicate touch. Called a jeweler's jeweler for her uncompromising quality and sensitive handling of the materials her elegant pieces resonate with an elemental simplicity and sensuality reminiscent of ancient jewelry

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