Lineal Alchemy

Debbie Sheezel


Debbie Sheezel
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Photo credit: Howard Birnstihl

“Lineal Alchemy”
This piece was inspired by tribal artifacts crossing many cultures. Simple geometric sculptural design with magical colours translates my thoughts of inherited artistry with science and enamel craft. The medieval chemistry of trying to turn base metal into gold and find the elixir of life. I am going back thousands of years depicting in my own way the designs of utensils and artifacts using precious metals and stones.

I am a jeweller/enamellist. I make one-off unique jewellery which I would say are "Wearable Art". My work has run from huge murals such as the mural "Daintree" for the Brisbane International Airport Commission to large enamelled bowls commissioned as gifts for visiting dignitaries. I now only make bespoke jewellery pieces.

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