Linear Bracelet

Lisa Mueller


San Diego, CA, United States

8" x 1" x .5"

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Photo credit: Lisa Mueller

This bracelet was made using multiple lengths of wire in both silver and gold. Each element is drilled in two places to allow steel cable to pass through and connect all of the separate components together. My interest was to create a piece that expressed both fluidity and grace. The main body of the piece was inspired by Art Deco artworks and their repeated use of linear patterns. The cluster of tourmaline stones was added in order to punctuate the center of the piece, and to create a colorful organic point of focus that contrasts with the vertical elements.

I have been working as a studio metalsmith and educator for the past sixteen years. This professional practice has been a continuing exploration into material and process. The content of my work is a reflection of the natural world, albeit often times in abstract form.

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