Lovelock Ring Set

DeeLyn Walsh


DeeLyn :: Design
Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom

1.5 x 1.25 x .65 inches

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Photo credit: self

The Lovelock ring set is part of my Entrapment collection. In this range I worked often with pyrite, or fool’s gold, finding ways to “trap” the mineral in the silver form. Using the same basic structure for those rings, I realised that 2 rings locked nicely into each other, and thus the Lovelock ring set was born.

The two rings vary slightly in design and can each be on its own or locked into its partner for a bolder statement ring, as pictured. Each ring is sterling silver, with the option to have one in 22ct gold vermeil for a bold contrasted look.

This ring set is a clear representation of much of my design style with bold geometric lines and an urban brutalist feel.

Inspired by the urban surroundings of day to day life, my work is architectural & geometric at its core. In the search for balance of perfect order and complete chaos, I create bold wearable sculptures. I am drawn to the unconventional in form and material, however I primarily work in sterling silver.

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