Charles A. Kumnick

Charles Kumnick -Ludington

Manchester, MI, United States

25” h x 9” x 9” inches

Photo credit: Charles A. Kumnick

Ravens intrigue me. They are the stuff of myth and legend in many cultures. Throughout history, Ravens have been considered magical: complex and contradictory. They have been associated with wisdom, prophecy: good fortune as well as trickery and evil. These remarkable birds are clever problem solvers and tool makers.

In this series, I have attempted to capture the essence of the raven’s energy and mythical powers. To do so, I have used a wide variety of materials collected from my world. Those materials include: new and used metal sheet & wire, rusted and deteriorated oil drums, discarded farm fencing, various and sundry metal parts (screws, bolts, clamps, etc). Other components of my sculptures include wood, bone, feathers spent banded auto tires, cement, plastic and gemstones.

Mr. Kumnick has been working and teaching in the areas of Jewelry Design and Sculpture for over 36 years. Although now retired from teaching, during his tenure at The College of New Jersey, he had been awarded over 36 research grants to study technical and aesthetic concerns within these two areas, including the Distinguished Research Award, 1990-92 "Illuminated Sculptures". He has been the recipient of three Fellowships: two from the state of New Jersey; one, from Pennsylvania. His work has been published in newspapers, professional periodicals, Metalsmithing, sculpture and Art History texts. The products of his studio work have been exhibited in galleries, universities and museums regionally, nationally and internationally. His objects of body adornment, jewelry, and sculpture are in numerous private, corporate, and public collections.

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