Makrinós / Remote Viewing

Ayala Naphtali


New York, NY, United States

70mm x 30mm x 10mm

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Photo credit: Debra Adelson

My path as a metalsmith and jewelry designer has been a lifelong pursuit. Starting in my early teens I became captivated by both historical and contemporary works in metal. The detail and precision are both challenging and rewarding. In my work, I draw inspiration from ancient alphanumerical systems, contemporary architecture, and my own personal cultural history. I am intrigued with balance and proportion and feel as if each piece will find the axis on the wearer. My work is an exploration of form and materials, each equally important. My materials, coconut shell seed pods, bamboo, precious, and non-precious become the vocabulary of elements. I feel firmly rooted in the historical tradition of my craft. I am committed to the use of materials for their color texture and versatility. Each piece evolves as these elements inhabit the space in a biomorphic composition. These elements have an intimate relationship with each other, which the viewer is invited to interpret.

Ayala Naphtali co-founder of Adornaxis is a NYC-based metalsmith / jewelry maker with a studio in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She began making jewelry as an early teen in NYC. She studied Gold and Silversmithing at FIT and SUNY NEW PALTZ where she received her BFA. Ayala was recently awarded as a 2022 Honoree by NYCxDesign.

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