Map Inscription Earrings

Jenne Rayburn


Melrose, MA, United States

2.5 x .75 x .25 inches

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Jenne Rayburn’s vitreous enamel combines drawing and painting with texturing and patterning in a process of fusing thin coats of specially prepared ground glass to metal in a kiln, using high, controlled heat. For Jenne, this process of creation, from researching and brainstorming to sketching and modeling, selecting materials and fabricating, is inspiring. Motivated by curiosity and problem solving, Jenne enjoys continually reimagining what is possible, using design as a thought process and mythological narratives as her guide. She strives to create depth and luminosity with hand drawn designs and multilayered finishes that reveal different aspects of color and metal as they move, and reference ancient yet familiar imagery and themes. Her work incorporates three dimensionally formed metal, found objects, ink, colored pencils, Limoges paints, mason stains and decals to achieve richly textured, curiously evocative and technically innovative contemporary art work.

Jenne Rayburn strives to create richly textured, artistically expressive, and technically innovative contemporary enamel jewelry. History, tradition and design inspire Jenne's vitreous enamel and metalwork. She is fascinated with myths and folklore that recount heroic adventures and connect us to a larger purpose.

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