Jowita Allen


Jowita Allen Jewelry
Chevy Chase, MD, United States


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Photo credit: David Terao

Jowita Allen’s work focuses on recycling and upcycling non-biodegradable waste into wearable art jewelry. She uses materials such as PET plastic from discarded bottles and containers which she collects from friends, her own household and in her travels to different countries.
She then transforms them into playful forms of wearable sculptures. Jowita questions the traditional way of identifying uniqueness and value by redefining it in her work. Her creations express the individuality, unique voice and point of view of modern society and give us all the opportunity to reconsider the impact that the abundance of single-use plastics creates for ourselves and our environment.

Jowita Allen is a jewelry studio artist who specializes in alternative materials, especially recycled plastic. Her designs combine bold forms and textures through using a diversity of techniques and conceptual development in the creative process. Her goal is to create jewelry that reveals the personality and manifests the presence of the wear

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