Valerie Mitchell


Valerie Mitchell
Los Angeles, CA, United States

13 x 13 x 7"

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Photo credit: Valerie Mitchell

Mask is part of a work series that reflect forces of nature and responds to current global and cultural strife in our environments. This series extends from one of a kind wearable work to wall works. Mask reflects our time of separation and wearing of masks during pandemic, and the hiding and confusion over such wearing. Control, fear, hiding and covering are fragments that make the whole. The sculpture alludes to a cage like formation but also a global centering. Hand constructed copper, electro formed and powered coated.

Recently exhibited with my other new wall works on similar theme of deconstruction, force fields and climate change at Gloria Delson Contemporary, Los Angeles.

Artist, Metalsmith, Art Jeweler and Professor. Influences of deconstruction, organic structure and forces of nature. Primary materials metal, enamel, electroforming and cement. Long time studio in downtown Arts District Los Angeles and high desert, creating one of a kind sculptural wall work, art jewelry and modern organic limited edition work.

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