Memory – For Mary

Jamie Berry


Cary, NC, United States

12" x 12" x 5"

I have long been interested in the memories used objects hold in each imperfection and the importance of imperfections to our memories.
This piece, is about how memory acts, generally, and about my friend’s memories and family more specifically. The piece consists of 15 sterling nails, cast from molds of nails from the barn that has been the center of their family and property for generations, and a cast sterling copy of Mary’s birthstone ring in it’s damaged state. The “stone” of the sterling ring has been polished to be as reflective as possible, while the nails retain the form and texture created over centuries of corrosion. The sand represents memory and time. The nails represent specific memories. The sterling will tarnish with time, as do memories and memory.

My work is inspired by time, memory, the history of objects, and the intersections of these elements. Personal relationships to these elements are considered and manipulated in various mediums, centered around metalwork.

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