Mesquite Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

Lindsey Johnson


Geophilia Studio
Houston, Texas, United States

6 inches x 10mm x 2mm

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Photo credit: Lindsey Johnson

The Mesquite Cuff is made from thick sterling silver rectangular wire that has been cut to length and textured with a metal stamp. It was formed around a mandrel, then patinated to highlight the texturing details, then polished.
As a geoscientist, I want to bring the beauty of the earth to people who want to adorn themselves with something eclectic and meaningful. All of the work in my shop is made using traditional metalsmithing techniques and I take great care and patience in designing and making each piece. My work ranges from hand-stamped silver rings and bracelets, to effortless gemstone pendants to larger, one-of-a-kind pieces made with artisan-cut stones and textured silver.
My work is about bringing extraordinary objects into the everyday and creating wearable works of art that cannot be found anywhere else. We all have a story to tell and I want to my jewelry and object-making to tell the Earth’s story using beautiful stones, textured silver, and unusual designs.

Lindsey Johnson was born in Lafayette, Louisiana. Her background as a geologist and earth scientist influences her metalsmithing and art jewelry. She has exhibited her work at a number of artisans shows locally and regionally around Houston, Texas, where Lindsey lives and works. Her work is available at

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