Metalsmith Dreams #2

Michael Brehl


All Things Hammered
Mount Rainier, MD, United States

8 x 8 x 8 inches

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Photo credit: Pete Duvall

Metalsmith Dreams #2 is part of a series of work using lips and/or eyes from images taken during museum visits over the years. The eye in this piece is from a marble bust of Justinian in the Vatican Museum. My work has been getting more surrealist over the last few years; surrealism seems to be an appropriate artistic response to recent world events. This is also one of my first works incorporating bobbin lace, which I have been learning to make over the past several years.

Michael Brehl is an artist and metalsmith active in the Washington DC Metro area. He often teaches hollowware and jewelry at the Art League in Alexandria Virginia, and has set up a portable metalsmithing classroom to reach students with limited access to metalsmithing classes. He has served on the boards of the Washington Area Goldsmiths Guild and SNAG.

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