Vicky Zomenou


Porpe Artifacts
Sammamish, WA, United States

(L) 2.1'', (W) 0.3'', (D) 0.3’’

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Photo credit: Vicky Zomenou

A collection inspired by the butterflies’ metamorphosis from a colorless caterpillar to an exquisite, winged creature of delicate beauty. A symbol of transformation, grace, fragility, and an endless source of inspiration.

This collection is made from natural silk cocoons spun by ethically raised silkworms. Exceptionally lightweight, delightfully textured, and incredible in shape, the silk cocoons are hand dyed, sometimes filled with glass to create an organic geode look and sealed with resin to ensure quality and durability.

Perfect for those who believe in the ability of aesthetics to evoke delight in a physical object, that jewelry should be equal parts nature and art.

My name is Vicky, originally from Greece, I studied Jewelry Design & Making for 12 years before moving to the Seattle area. My work tends to be sculptural, combining unexpected materials with metal in a striking contemporary design. My ethos? Quality and ethics. I source 100% USA materials, ensuring each piece is beautifully modern and distinct.

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