Hiromi Suter


Hiromi Suter Design
Sudbury, MA, United States

11 1/2" x 14" x 1 1/2" , 21 neck circumference

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Photo credit: Hiromi Suter

While I have been creating my work using butterflies for some years, this particular piece is intended to capture a sense of positive change I have been experiencing in the past few months. Many of my pieces feature morpho butterflies because I am particularly entranced by them. For this piece I used the silhouette shapes of the same butterflies but I introduced the swirls inside to create that sense of uplift from
within. The bottom two butterflies are facing towards the center which represents the “stomach”. In Japanese the stomach is often used in expressions to describe your state of mind, whether positive or negative. The two butterflies are there to cure your mind.
For this piece I wanted to give it a “wabi-sabi” look as if to show the imperfection of humanity. One yellow (gold) butterfly to make it stand out from the crowd along with the green butterfly to heal the entire body.
This is completed with a detachable brooch with white fabric.

Born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. "I liken myself to a magician transforming pieces of metal into reflections from my fantasy world. I pour a lot of energy into each piece I create so that positive souls dwell in the pieces."

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