Zach Mellman-Carsey


Lancaster, PA, United States

4.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches

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Using the power of sound and music, my work becomes activated by not only the wearer, but the audience. Wearable objects that emulate surreal depictions of my own body are integrated with Bluetooth speakers that can be paired with a smartphone or other audio enabled devices. With the intent of expression or communication through alternative auditory means, The work facilitates a narrative expressing loss, grief, resilience and renewal.

Zach Mellman-Carsey is an artist and jeweler living in Lancaster, PA. Receiving an MFA from Indiana university in Bloomington, He creates wearable fine and conceptual jewelry and sculptures. When not creating visual art, Zach spends his time honing his culinary skills and experimenting with niche gastronomical processes and ingredients.

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