Mineral Vein – Explosion ring

Chapin Dimond


C Dimond LLC
Louisville, CO, United States

1 x 0.7 x 1 inches

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Photo credit: Chapin Dimond

“Swing that hammer, light that torch, and make that magic happen.” I use the most basic earth elements and fire to create jewelry that blends nature and human interaction. Each piece is brought to life by my spirit, fire, and utilizing nature’s elements to release the inner essence of metal’s stories. This mutual exchange between artist and material intrigues me and becomes a fun playful experience. It is the process of playing that produces magic that creates the art. Mineral Vein is a collection with 22k gold dust fused onto patina sterling silver, “Explosion ring” has 32 flush set diamonds (0.17ct). My work is not only a product, it is the process of creation-expressing life, capturing moments, preserving and making memories, expressing different stories to every audience.
C Dimond ~ C d’ Fire ~ C d’ Magic

Chapin Dimond makes magic with metal in his own jewelry designs & shares the craft with others through teaching. Playing with elements, he uses modern & ancient techniques to blend nature & human interaction. He is a Louisville, Colorado native. Exploring metals since 2003, he earned a BFA in 2009 in Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design from MSCD, CO.

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