Mining Disaster

Elizabeth Brown


Eliza Brown Jewelry
Carolina Beach, NC, United States

1.5 x 1 inches

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I like to think of my creations not just as jewelry but as beautiful pieces of art.  My favorite materials to work with are sterling silver and hand picked semi-precious stones. I utilize artistic techniques such as reticulation and keum boo, an ancient Korean gilding technique to create various patterns and textures in the metal. This adds to the unique quality of each piece . I also enjoy working with copper, both of these materials eventually become “wearable art”.
This piece is made of sterling silver, 24k gold foil and clear quartz. i enjoy creating pieces that have a rustic, abused quality to them.

Elizabeth has always had a fascination with hand crafted jewelry which eventually lead her to explore jewelry designing for herself. Finding inspiration from several art movements she now creates one of a kind sterling silver and mixed metal, unique jewelry pieces. There is an eclectic, distinctive style to her work.

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