Mining Necklace

Sarah Loch-Test


Denton, TX, United States

11 x 7 x .5

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Photo credit: Sarah Loch-Test

I often use imagery and details of industrial structures, surfaces and interiors that are meant to be ambiguous as to their location.
By pairing industrial imagery with natural elements, such as wildflowers that remediate the soil of shuttered factories, nature’s resilience and suggest that we are not as in control of our built environment as we may believe.
The image on the pendant is of mining equipment used is west Texas. The shapes of the black enameled components resemble lignite, which is a type of coal that is surface mined.

I studied at Kent State and East Carolina universities, where I embraced the art of enameling. My time spent living in Pittsburgh, a resilient city in a post-industrial era, continues to influence my work. I currently work as Metals Technician at the University of North Texas and in my spare time I run on trails where inspiration is abundant!

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