Kim Nogueira


St John, VI, United States

approx. 19 inches long; each bead is 1.75 x 1.25 inches

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Photo credit: Kim Nogueira

mirabilia (ˌmɪrəˈbɪlɪə ) PL NOUN
Astonishing, wondrous and extraordinary things; miracles, wonders; marvels.

I take time every morning to stand on Mother Earth and give her a kiss in gratitude for the gift of my body and the prana that lies within it. For the brief and sacred opportunity to see the wind moving the dappled shadows on the ground and feel its breath on my skin. To hear the mangrove cuckoo’s strange call in the late afternoon. My physical interface with the marvels of Mother Earth is a miracle, and as I journey within, I am discovering that it also guards worlds and dimensions untold.

“Drinking the water, I thought how earth and sky are generous with their gifts…Most of us are taught…about giving and accepting human gifts, but not about opening ourselves and our bodies to welcome the sun, the land, the visions of sky and dreaming…”
-Linda Hogan

Kim Nogueira's mytho-poetical explorations in enamel and metal are supported by her BA in Sociology from Smith College and profoundly influenced by her deep trance hypnosis practice. Her work has been in numerous museum, university and gallery exhibitions and publications both nationally and abroad.

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