Momento Series

Christen Coomer


Deodata Design
Seattle, WA, United States

1 x 3 x .5", 1.25 x 2.25 x .5"

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Memento Mori Pendant

Translated literally as “remember death,” a memento mori serves as a reminder of the inevitability of death, in order that life is then lived to its fullest.

I carved this coffin-shaped amber to evoke a meaningful memory, studying amber carving in Chiapas, Mexico. Appearing embedded, the amber is backed with a lock of my own hair.

Having never attempted pearl carving, this one serves as a nod toward what the piece is designed to evoke: a desire to learn and enjoy life to its fullest.

Memento Brooch

Featuring a breadth of gems and setting styles, this brooch serves as a sampler of beautiful stones selected for the story they tell when featured together. Brilliant-cut smoky quartz tube-set with prongs, the most scenic of agates framed with a serrated bezel, juicy Mexican amber set in a simple bright-cut bezel, and a hand-carved pearl, dangling in the negative space that allows it to swing.

Based in Seattle, Washington, Deodata Jewelry is handcrafted and inspired by personal histories and cherished objects. I'm Christen Coomer and Deodata was my grandmother. She inspired my first creative business. Today Deo’s inspiration lives on in the form of Deodata Design, a convergence of experiences, stories, and cultural reflections in metal.

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