Monument to Our Forgotten Past

Dylan Eddy


Cleveland Heights, OH, United States

1x3/4 inches

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Photo credit: Dylan Eddy

The image of a dolmen and stone circle, harkens back to our shared human past. Long forgotten peoples, and history. Human dramas lost to the ages, buried, with only fragments left to glean a sense of who our ancestors were. The use of the ancient techniques of chasing and repoussé accentuate this feeling, and brings life to this reminder of that which we have forgotten, and will never know.

Dylan draws inspiration from a variety of sources, ranging from archaeological and historic works, to epic literature, such as Beowulf, and the Lord of the Rings, to space exploration and cosmology. Influenced by Celtic, Norse, and Japanese aesthetics, Dylan works with ideas related to the passage of time, and identity. He explores these themes through various artistic practices, including: jewellery + metals, textiles, drawing, and painting. Dylan integrates the values of enduring quality and the authenticity of hand-made work into all his pieces.

Dylan is a practicing artist working out of their home studio. Dylan has taught Continuing Education jewelry classes and workshops in Canada and the United States. Dylan's work has been exhibited across Canada, the US, and Japan. The importance, value and authenticity of making work by hand are central to the work Dylan produces.

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