Moving Target

Andrew Thornton


Allegory Gallery
Ligonier, PA, United States

2.85” x 2" x 0.31”

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Photo credit: Andrew Thornton

Throughout all of human history, there has been a fascination with the idea of self. Whether it is crudely rendered with pigment and animal fat smeared on a cave wall or snapped on a phone and augmented with the latest filter and uploaded to social media – there has always been a compulsion to make a mark and say, “I was here”. The artist is the chronicler. The artist captures, distills, and synthesizes the world around them. My work is no different, but a continuation of a long legacy of the exploration of self and identity through portraiture. I feel like as an artist and maker, I am a storyteller and draw upon elements of fantasy and magical realism to convey my narrative. Growing up gay and a person of color, most of my life has been a game of translation and seeing myself through other people’s eyes and expectations. I am curious about the stories I have been told and the stories that I tell myself. My latest series investigates the way that I see myself and tell my own truth.

Andrew Thornton is a professional fine artist, trained at the School of Visual Arts. He works in painting, collage, and metalsmithing. His work explores identity through magical realism and fantasy. Andrew is the Co-Owner of Allegory Gallery, Star Cottage Studio, and Butcher Block Gallery. He also sits on the Board of Touchstone Center for Crafts.

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