Mutantur Speciei

Linda Savineau


Aartselaar, , Belgium

5x5x2 inches

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Our nature is in constant evolution.
Plants are threatened with extinction, exotic insects find it to their liking here.
But imagine if these plants and insects would mutate into jewels. Cacti with glass spines and insects that have green propellers!
With the theme “Inspired by Nature'” as a starting point, everything is created simultaneously: the idea, the shapes, the choice of materials. The process is the most fascinating, the results will follow. Each piece creates itself.
By playing with material, design and functionality I try to amaze people with non-traditional jewelry. How do they feel when you wear them, what reactions do they cause?
Welcome in the world of “Mutantur Speciei”

Linda has lived and worked in Belgium, France and the USA. She travels extensively and loves to investigate new or unconventional materials and techniques and create contemporary, innovative one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.. Her work has been exhibited in different countries and publications. It is represented in museums and private collections.

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