My Universe/Heart+Bee Series

Sunyoung Cheong


Topeka, Kansas, United States

Dimensions vary

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Photo credit: Aaron Paden

I use bees to symbolize ideas and meanings about domesticity, memory, and attachment. My interest in the life of bees began with learning about the bee extinction caused by humans and how it will impact our environment and life. In these works, I created a visual landscape using enameling techniques and digital technology. Through this new subject, I am exploring the value of integrating historical craft and digital technology to expand the creative possibilities of my work. My goal is not only to raise environmental awareness, but also to foster dialogue about diverse and equitable community, a safe place to call home.

Born in Seoul, Korea, based in Kansas, Sunyoung Cheong is a designer, maker, curator, and educator who incorporates traditional craft with technology to create her visual narrative. She works in precious metals with mixed media such as 3D printed resin, fabric, wood, paper, and vitreous enamel using CAD/CAM, enameling, and the lost-wax casting.

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