Nest For Two

Alexa Renée

Benicia, CA, United States

3 x 2 13/16 x .5 inches

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My current work is a series of “Cocoons” and “Nests”, each containing either two pearls nestled together or a single pearl. This stylized “Nest For Two” represents the safe space that a relationship can provide, whether with a trusted friend or a romantic partner, allowing each of us to grow into the fullest expression of ourselves. My “Nests” and “Cocoons” with a single pearl are for the introverts among us who have our best insights and growth when we are alone.
The materials in this piece are silver fused onto copper, oxidized bronze and freshwater pearls.

I speak many languages, have traveled the world, and lived in Mexico and India. I have experienced the rhythm of life in villages where strangers invited me into their lives and celebrations. Travel changed my inner landscape and inspired me to return to school for my M.F.A. My work explores a narrative using rivets, stitching and lots of texture.

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