New Bloom

Kathryn Bowman


Kathryn Bowman Studio LLC
Saint Charles, MO, United States

L: 28” W: 3” D: .75”

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Photo credit: Kathryn Bowman

Kathryn creates a purposeful balance of metal and woven glass in all of her botanical interpretations giving each piece the solidity, variety of texture and vibrant color of our natural world. Kathryn appeals to the nature-lover in all of us while coaxing a smile with her whimsy. Believing an online presence is our now, not just our future. Kathryn has embraced all aspects of being online. An active studio jeweler, she is working on jewelry, social media, volunteering in her community, and upgrading and learning new skills all the time.

Beadwork and metal are my artistic vehicle. Metalsmithing skills bridged the gap in my designs to be genuinely mine. Beads for texture and color and metal for solid mechanisms. My use of floral imagery conveys our need to be stewards of our planet. Our connection to nature grew recently as we stayed home communicating and selling online.

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