Nightingale Necklace

Amanda Ganong


House of Shiny Objects
Nevada City, CA, United States

7 x 0.75 x 9 inches

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This necklace explores in tone and color the merging between earth and sky, and the gracefulness of a bird’s flight and song rising in the night. Pearls signify wisdom gained through experience and repetition, while the flash in labradorite is fleeting. It is seen for only a moment at a particular angle, to return when the observer’s glance meets the right perspective across the room. The work is a hand woven necklace made of metallic toned Japanese seed beads on FireLine, exemplifying the artist’s use of a monochromatic color palette. It is finished with a fine silver clasp and sterling silver findings. This piece resides in a private collection near Chicago.

Amanda Ganong is a jewelry artist working out of her studio in Nevada City, CA. Her work favors monochromatic color plays, floral motifs, and elements that create the effect of handmade lace. She integrates found objects and stones that she finds and cuts herself whenever possible, exploring the resilience of nature in bead work and metal.

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