Norge Knuckle Ring

Liz Bucheit


Crown Trout Jewelers
Lanesboro, MN, United States

3.5 x .50 x 1.5 inches

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Photo credit: Liz Bucheit

I lovingly refer to this piece as my Norge Knuckle Ring mainly because I love a good buffet line! If you have traveled to Norway you may be familiar with the fact that Norwegians have no repect for the queue when waiting in line for food. More times than not my polite manner of allowing people to cut in front of me got me pushed to the very end of the line. This ring will keep folks at least an arm’s length out of your way in any social situation where you need to stand your ground!

Handmade fine silver filigree, rhodolite garnet

Liz Bucheit creates jewelry and body adornment inspired by Scandinavian folklore and myth. A goldsmith for over 30 years, she holds a Master’s degree in metalworking and jewelry from the University of Iowa, Iowa City and has trained in traditional jewelry and metalworking techniques in Ireland and Norway.

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