Nouveau Blossom

Lauren Tripp


Hastings, Michigan, United States

1.25 x 1.25 x .5

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Photo credit: Lauren Tripp

The more experience I have on this earth, the more I am aware of how we are all connected. We are connected through friends/acquaintance, our favorite places to visit, our families, our chosen families, our daily routines, but most importantly- through experiences. Through our shared life experiences we get to know each other, whether friends or strangers, intimately. I find it so amazing how with a small gesture of understanding, kindness, or acknowledgment of our shared experiences we can build an immediate amazing bond of humanity. It is these shared experiences that make us human. Art can be that gesture. Art can be, and is, a shared experience. Sometimes art can put all of our feelings into an expression we have a hard time using words to describe. Art can start conversations between both loved ones and strangers, about shared experiences, about life. Art has the potential to be that small gesture that has a large impact that brings us all together. This is why I create.

Lauren Tripp resides in Michigan where she not only creates jewelry, but also gets to teach others to create and love it too at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Kirk Newman Art School. She lives in her ever adventuresome home with her husband, daughter, and dogs and cats.

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