Nurture: The Big Hug

Angela Caldwell


Angela Caldwell
Bloomington, IN, United States

28 x 18 x 6

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Photo credit: Angela Caldwell/Brandy Scholl

My work examines, reflects upon, and celebrates women: the role of mother, female friendships, societal boundaries, pressures, confines, beauty, relationships, family, and love. It is about honoring the work women do, about recognizing the traditions of female craft, about seeing beauty in its history and paying homage to the female artist who took these crafts and techniques and placed them on the walls of exhibition spaces.

I blend traditional women’s crafts with my modern voice. I seek to juxtapose recognizable features and materials in a new way. I am particularly interested in what once was solely considered “women’s textile crafts” with its influence and recognition as art. While my work is inherently personal, it is meant to evoke a sense of the familiar, reference femininity, foster a recollection of memories yet display the infusion of the contemporary maker as well as a connection to the materials and objects we consider precious.

Angela Caldwell is a studio artist, recently receiving an MFA from Indiana University. Her work focuses on memory and examines women’s role in society through traditional craft-based practices. Caldwell’s work has been included in many juried exhibitions, notably Anne Marie Gallery and Sculpture Garden, Arrowmont, and in Metalsmith Magazine.

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