Object of Connection: Together

Cappy Counard


Edinboro, PA, United States

9 x 5 x 2 cm

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Photo credit: Cappy Counard

In my own history, the kitchen has always been the hub and heart of home. It is the domain of mothers and grandmothers, a place of gathering, offering and warmth. My work references tools of nourishment found in the kitchen as a metaphor for shared experience. By utilizing the bowl form, Objects of Connection: Together reflects my desire to bridge divides and honor relationship.

Finding the capacity for interconnection requires both intention and care, and so I engage in meticulous repetitive acts of making while I think about mending and uniting. Through incremental change I build a space where differences merge into something in-between. It is in this place of interaction that we can find possibility, connection and even belonging.

Cappy Counard is a maker who creates jewelry and sculptural objects that reflect her curiosity about relationships. She lives in Edinboro, Pennsylvania where she has been a Professor of Metals and Jewelry at Edinboro University for more than twenty years. Teaching is as integral to her practice as making.

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