Paxton Juhlin


Bozeman, MT, United States

5 x 36 inches

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Photo credit: Danika Wolf

To understand one, you have to know two, and understand two you have to know one. Within ourselves, we find these reflections of tension which keep us in a state of questioning. Inside these gray areas, I wallow between what I have been taught and what I feel. This push and pull keep me striving for an answer to what ‘comfort’ is. This work questions the notion of identity, by taking the silhouette of a traditional tie and elevating it into an almost ephemeral state.

Paxton is obsessed with everything we, as humans, choose to adorn ourselves with. In relation to how the materials and forms inhibit or empower us. Whether it is wearable or simply gives the notion of relation to a figure. His work focuses on the central goal of questioning one's identity in relation to the environment and climate around them.

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