Octopus’s Garden in the Shade

Dianne deBeixedon


Silver Dragon LLC
Norfolk, VA, United States

22 x 11 x 7

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Photo credit: Eric Lusher

Living on the coast has made be acutely aware of the imperiled sea life and the impact of human interaction on the ecosystems. This concern has influenced the imagery in my work which is predominantly nature and sea life creatures. In this piece “Octopus’s Garden in the Shade” it was important to express the visual movement and delicate and fragility of these creatures. This octopus is traveling across the ocean floor collecting stones, shells and shiny objects to arrange in front of the lair. Movement and the ability to “collect” is imperative for the octopus’s survival. To achieve a sense of the octopus’s movement and the importance to its existence, the techniques of repousse and chasing had to expand beyond the traditional surface embellishment and become the process to create three dimensional form.

Jeweler/metalsmith, Dianne deBeixedon, holds a career teaching at Old Dominion University and maintains a private studio. The Historical inspiration of raising, chasing and repousse are reflected her imagery illustrating the delicate and fragile nature of animal life and the impact of human interaction upon the ecosystems.

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