Lorenz Mager


Brooklyn, NY, United States

52mm x 13.33mm x 8.6mm

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Photo credit: Lorenz Mager

Gleichgewicht is an ongoing body of graphic metalworks which catalog the voids we seek to fill, the equilibrium we long to attain. The bold visual language of vigilance reflects the raw nature of a corrosive society. Nüll link chains ponder the emptiness of value through iconography. Cast in brutalism and solidified into elemental traded commodity.

Gleichgewicht is the sum total of burden and blessing, the emblem of allotment. Hold the weight.

Lorenz Mager is a German-American jeweler and designer, formerly of MSCHF. Transplanted to metro Detroit as a child, he was introduced to metalsmithing at Cranbrook and received his BFA from RISD. His label, GLEICHGEWICHT, encompasses fine art, production work, and design consulting.

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