Organic Form Link Statement Necklace

Lori Aks Rosenberg


Lori Aks Jewelry
Short Hills, NJ, United States

20 x .5 x .25

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Photo credit: Lori Aks Rosenberg

The Organic Form Link Necklace is a hand fabricated statement necklace made from 925 silver and brass reticulated forms and accented by carnelian gemstones and handmade 925 silver links and closure. This art jewelry piece has a shadow layer below each form to create space for the links to join the pieces together. The shadow layer joins a sculptural curved form to a flat platform attached by wire pegs. The flat platforms allow the necklace to sit well around the neck, yet retain a sense of movement and curves almost like a bicycle chain. This work is a good example of how I like to explore the combination of my experiences as a psychologist and metalsmith. I hoped to share the idea that a family is joined by texture and connection with layers of complexity and stability as crucial as a foundation.The result is a handcrafted work that celebrates the connection of unique forms and gemstones with curving movement.

My artistic voice draws from a career as a practicing psychologist where I find beauty in relational bonds. I hand fabricate and design art jewelry with a visual expression of connection by using form, negative space and strategically placed natural and upcycled gemstones. I aim to create jewelry that will help the wearer express their unique voice

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