Paperchain Transition

Susanne Henry


Chicago, IL, United States

18" long x 2" diameter

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Photo credit: Susanne Henry

Art jewelry is a way for me to return to my roots as a designer, maker and artist. I love a challenge and have worked my way through explorations in brooch-making and chain-making, as year-long projects. I thrive on the work of extending a concept into a full collection of pieces, such as my original Paperchain series. The neck piece in this image is a derivation of that series. It explores the transition from sphere to line; and the connection is made where they intersect.

I work in steel for the artistic and design freedom it gives me. It is light weight and inherently strong, so I can create bigger and bolder pieces. At the same time, steel jewelry has, as one collector said to me, an “industrial chic” quality that is cool to wear. In its oxidized blackness, it is serene and graphic, to truly see the pure form and structure of a piece.

Susanne Henry is a jewelry artist/metalsmith in Chicago, who works primarily in steel. Susanne graduated from RISD with a BFA in Industrial Design. She is a self-taught artist who has exhibited in juried and curated exhibitions, including MAD About Jewelry in New York. She was featured in the article, Coming of Age, in Metalsmith Magazine in 2020.

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