Parametric Gold Fish Ring

Yalda Mohajer


Toronto, ON, Canada

21mm W x 26mm H x 24mm D

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Photo credit: Digital by Design

My work is inspired by Parametricism, an architectural style based on algorithms and related values resulting in fluid and curving forms, echoing systems found in nature. In Parametricism, shapes are transformable in the form of a slow modulation. It is embracing the fluidity of forms toward becoming whole. It is variation, not repetition!
This one-of-a-kind ring, fabricated from 18k yellow gold and tsavorite garnet, embodies the inner marriage of architecture and jewellery by representing the characteristics of Parametricism and using precious metal transformational qualities.

Yalda Mohajer is a Toronto- based emerging jewellery artist. She is a Full-time Artist-in-Residence at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, with her cross-cultural and career experiences, she brings a multi-disciplinary perspective to her work, deepening her approach to the design and creation of her pieces.

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