Pearl Lacey Earrings

J.E. Paterak


J.E. Paterak Jewelry
Portland, ME, United States

2.75 L X 1.25 W

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Photo credit: WINKY LEWIS Winky Lewis

The work of J.E. Paterak quietly reflects a concern for our planet’s health by drawing the eye to the smallest details found in nature. She strives to draw attention to the nuance of wonder. Whether moss brooches “wrought” in glass and metal, a bud cast into silver, a fantasical take on a detail of a flower, or fungi and stems represented with a mere stroke of a brush, what is ephemeral is suspended in time to draw the viewer/wearer in. Nothing can surpass understanding the science and the importance of plants functions within our ecological systems, but it all begins with observation, awe and then perhaps reverence.

J.E. Paterak is an artist and studio jeweler living in Portland, Maine. With degrees Massachusetts College of Art and Cranbrook Academy, her passion for jewelry is shared with painting and plants. Her work has been exhibited nationally, has been published in numerous books & publications and is found in both private and public collections.

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