Pharaoh’s Scepter Brooch

Nan Marshall


Nan Marshall Designs
Viroqua, WI, United States

4" L x 1-1/2" W

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Photo credit: Nan Marshall

I love to combine unusual objects with precious ones. This piece features an aquamarine set on a buffalo horn. It is attached to a Sterling silver base. Texture is also important to me. Exploring a piece with your fingers should be as important as tasting it with your eyes. Each piece I make is unique and serves as a form of communication between the wearer and the people around them. We all have something we want the world to know about us, and jewelry helps us express it.
Jewelry is really a miniature form of sculpture. Working with unusual and found objects makes construction an interesting challenge. I learn something new from each piece I make. I delight in the experience of creation! This joy is channeled to the person wearing my pieces.

I have always enjoyed texture. As a jewelry artist, I love the way different materials can come together to create unexpected surfaces. The life of the object happens at the connection between materials or even within them as smooth gives way to a rough, soft meets hard, and straight takes an unexpected turn.

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