Picnic Rocks Pendant

Beth Millner


Beth Millner Jewelry
Marquette, Michigan, United States

1 1/8" (2.9cm) long.

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Photo credit: Jane Villanueva

Beth’s jewelry is directly inspired by the natural beauty of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Her designs feature the forests, shorelines, and mountains that define her small corner of the world. Many of the pendants are named after local hiking trails, rivers, and waterfalls. These elements are captured in layers of metal and accented with hand sawn details. Beth also has a strong commitment to sourcing ethical, eco-friendly materials whenever possible. These scenic landscapes are made from recycled sterling silver, local or recycled copper, and recycled brass.

Beth Millner Jewelry is designed with simplicity and ease-of-wear in mind. Each timeless piece is inspired by the natural beauty of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and is carefully handcrafted in the studio above our shop in Marquette, MI. Our mission is to provide artisan jewelry that is fabricated in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

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