Pierced and Fabricated Sterling Silver and Coral Cuff

Todd Conover


Todd Conover Metal Works
Syracuse, NY, United States


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Photo credit: Todd Conover

“If you think it through you could set a potato chip.” These words from a wise faculty in a grad stone setting studio resonate every time I set an unconventional object into a piece of jewelry. Odd the random things you remember from school. While I don’t set out to produce work with preconceived conceptual meaning; my work is certainly a vehicle for expression of memory and experience. Although it is rarely a premeditated decision as to what my next exploration will be, I am never without a source to capture what I see at the macro level and I always search for small shapes, patterns, and details that will fuel creative spark. The process of conceptual discovery and development is an important part of my creative process and keeps my creative energy flowing and the surprise of artistic output alive.

Todd Conover- Associate Professor of fashion design, School of Design, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, USA. Todd has taught at Syracuse University since 1995. Conover, who holds an MFA in studio arts is a trained metalsmith who now completely focuses his creative practice on one of a kind art jewelry, selling his work to clients worldwide.

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