Pioneer for Medicine

Natalie Clark


Natalie Marie Metals
Lancaster, PA, United States

12x8x.5 inches

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Photo credit: Becky McDonah

Inspired by Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party, The Necklace Party represents three women in science who changed the narrative. I created this series to educate the public on these women’s accomplishments, which are not always recognized as they should be. Dorothy Hodgkin, Caroline Herschel, and Katherine Johnson are the women represented in this series. All of these women’s efforts were a vast part of helping science move forward. From discovering comets, to putting man into space, to discovering how to create and mass produce much needed medicine, these women deserve the utmost recognition for their accomplishments in science.

I am a recent graduate from Millersville University, majoring in art education. In the past year I focused on combining my fine metal skills, liberal arts education, and my love for art history, by creating a series of necklaces representing women throughout history. I hope to take my skills into the classroom and inspire future artists.

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