Playing Field

Christine Sigman


Houston, TX, United States

2 X 3 X .5 inches

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Photo credit: Christine Sigman

Playing Field started with a 1966 postage stamp that came my way on a package. (Who knew such old stamps were still valid?) My attention was drawn first by the vivid color scheme, but it was held by the image itself, the children captured in the amber of their time and place. For me, the image evoked poignancy of youth and the varying dosages of risk and opportunity doled out to each child, while the tagline Support Our Youth reinforced the sense of vulnerability.

I am intrigued and stimulated by the uniquely collaborative nature of jewelry. Not only the viewer but also the wearer contributes to the impact and meaning of each piece. I love making things that tell stories, looking beneath the surface and questioning assumptions about what we mean to say and what we say without meaning to.

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