Poem in 3 Stanzas

Ellen Wieske


Deer Isle, Maine, United States

15' x 4' x 4"

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Photo credit: ellen wiekse

“Poem in Three Stanzas” is a tribute to pattern, texture and the complexity found in both a graphite line drawing and a poem. The shape, weight, density, and shadow of steel wires approximate the words that form the phraseology in verse.
As in a poem, the concept and meaning of this piece is in the control of the reader or viewer. It is written in a language which requires a different part of communication to understand its meaning. The patterns and forms exist in an unusual visual grammatical format. The meaning constructed of shape, weight, density and shadow.

This piece consists of 13 black steel wire forms They are arranged in a collection on a wall (15’-20’) Dimensions 4’x 20’x 5”

• Ellen Wieske is an artist who works in many materials. Primarily a metalsmith she worked in the Detroit jewelry industry for 18 years as a jeweler/stone setter/designer. Wieske shows her work and teaches internationally. • She received an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. • Currently Wieske maintains dowstudio with her wife, potter Carole An

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