Poetry Earrings: Opal + Dendritic Agate

Lori Francescutti


Toronto, ON, Canada

2" overall length

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Photo credit: Lori Francescutti

I create artistic jewelry pieces for charismatic, bold, confident, earthy, impeccably imperfect souls. I am inspired by nature and all its organic forms, from the simple to the intricate, as well as the painterly quality of the gemstones I carefully select for my work. The gemstones guide me as I create each piece from the ground up. I appreciate the potential for the metal to provide its own input while being melted and manipulated, often resulting in spontaneous forms of which no two are identical.

These earrings are a playful exploration of stone combinations, balance, colour, warmth and simplicity. They are both grounded and elegant and feel good to wear. The combination of silver with 18k gold elements is reflective of the light play in the black opals, while the dendritic agates below are grounding and infuse a natural feel to the pairing.

IGNIS BOREALIS is a meditation on the elements that come together to create a hand-forged piece of jewelry. Made with heart and hands in Toronto, Canada by Lori Francescutti.

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