Ponder Pendant #5

Tracy Mastro


Tracy S Mastro
Raymond, ME, United States

2.5 x 2.5 inches

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I approached these pendants in a method similar to my drawing on paper or painting on panel. To convey this I’ve chosen quadrilateral shapes and attached (soldered) the means to hang them on the back. Building up multiple layers, a vintage white enamel is applied and kiln fired before the next layer is applied. Interspersed in these layers are various forms of enamel, some bleeding through to the surface and others revealing something beneath the surface. These bits and pieces are symbolic of various thoughts, feelings and ideas floating around and connecting or bouncing off one another. The finished piece is chemically etched to give the surface a dreamy matte finish.

Tracy Mastro is an artist living and working in the Sebago Lake area of Maine. Inspired by the beautiful, peaceful and sometimes eerie wooded landscape where she lives, and the juxtaposition of man made things within it. Combining her use of color from painting and her jewelry background, Tracy is now focused on vitreous enameling in both painting and jewelry.

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