Diana N'Diaye


NDiaye Studios
Cheverly, MD, United States

pendant 2.5" x 3.5"x 0.5 13" beaded collar

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Photo credit: Diana N'Diaye

In an anxious time, we are drawn to that which brings us meaning, comfort, and connection to others The work that I am sharing one of a collection of soft amulets that serve as tangible wishes, aspirations for the future, reminders of those we love or have love, or intentions–those covenants that we make with ourselves, our communities, or with our notions that which transcends. My jewelry is completed in conversation with the wearer. This piece is constructed from repurposed, traveled, discarded, randomly collected fabrics, a vintage button, and “gold” metallic thread used by embroiderers from Oman. The work incorporates felt from Kyrgystan, fabric samples from a long-gone clothing factory in New York City, silk organza remnants, and glass beads gifted from Cuba. Preciousness in regard to this jewelry is redefined here as quality of memory of lived experience and relationships rather than the conventionally assigned value of the materials.

I inherited my passion for jewelry from my grandfather, a goldsmith in Guyana South America. My preferred medium for jewelry is fiber and textiles. My inspiration comes from Sufi traditions of amulet making informed by research and travels in Africa, Europe, and Asia as a curator, anthropologist and needle worker. I make jewelry on commission.

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