Christine Hallett Rio


Slate Jewelry
Victoria, BC, Canada


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Photo credit: Dawn Stenzel Photography

For the artist, this cuff symbolizes the year 2020. All that we know, seems to be breaking free of its foundation and sending us plummeting over a cliff into an abyss of isolation and fear. The world seems to be crashing and burning around us. Yet, we hang on. We cling to the bright spots of beauty and humanity that shoot by us like comets in the night. The charcoal wood from a local beach is a remembrance of older days when we could be carefree around the fire with friends. The delicacy of the crystalline druzy is resilience. Our fragility exposed, but our core strong and resolute.

Christine launched Slate Jewelry in 2016, creating small batch metalwork pieces of contemporary wearable art that strike a balance between classic minimalism and luxurious details. , giving voice to her organic “modern relic,” style, blending modern lines with a sense of found objects. Her work has been shown at international art jewelry exhibits.

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